Walking Floor Commodity Trailers

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The Walking Floor trailer is great for direct to feeder delivery. They can back into the feed bunker area and unload into a nice pile that does not need to be moved around. The product is then readily available for the dairy or feed yard workers to use in their mix for feeding.

The Walking floor has many other uses as well. They can haul everything from Cottonseed, Rice Hulls, Rice Bran, Dry Distiller Grains, Wet Modified Distiller, Wood Mulch, Potting Soil, Chicken Manure Pellets, Cereal Fines, Coal, Coke, Soft Rock Phosphate. Loads can be placed at the end of a field for ease of spreading fertilizer. Some can even load pallets of bagged feed.

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Utilizing an excellent Logistics Service Provider (LSP) such as Sterling Brokerage Services allows you and your company to focus on your business rather than trying to secure an affordable, trustworthy quote on your own without many of the advantages afforded to successful LSPs. We have the resources, technology, and experience that are invaluable in choosing and then securing the right carriers for your important freight.
Yes. We carry $1,000,000 in General Liability/Auto and $100,000 Cargo this is in addition to the same coverages that the contracted carriers hired will have.

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We have been working with Sterling Brokerage Services for all of our bulk hopper shipments for 6 plus years. We have been able to grow our animal nutrition business almost 100%, within the first 2 years and Sterling Brokerage Services has been agile enough to service us flawlessly through this growth. Our confidence in Sterling Brokerage Services has helped facilitate our expansion in our main plant, and growth into a second production plant. They have found “last minute” trucks to fulfill customer needs, and have worked with us through many schedule changes and always provided the necessary trucks. I would recommend Sterling Brokerage Services to any bulk hopper shipper; they have been a great asset to our transportation services company.


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When I approached Sterling Brokerage Services about providing service to a few of our customers, they were confident that they would provide me a Service that would satisfy my needs. After 6 years of working together I can say that they do provide a Service that can be counted on! Thanks Sterling Brokerage Services for putting the needs of your customers first.


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I can’t say enough about the service my company received from Sterling Brokerage Services. In business, being able to deal with both change and ambiguity is imperative. Their team showed the capability to do this each and every time that we needed them. If you need freight forwarding services go with Sterling Brokerage Services; you won’t be disappointed.


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