Shipper Testimonials

"We have been working with Sterling Brokerage Services for all of our bulk hopper shipments for two years. In that time we have been able to grow our animal nutrition business almost 100%, and Sterling Brokerage Services has been agile enough to service us flawlessly through this growth. Our confidence in Sterling Brokerage Services has helped facilitate our expansion in our main plant, and growth into a second production plant. They have found “last minute” trucks to fulfill customer needs, and have worked with us through many schedule changes and always provided the necessary trucks. I would recommend Sterling Brokerage Services to any bulk hopper shipper; they have been a great asset to our transportation services." Warren

"When I approached Sterling Brokerage Services about providing service to a few of our customers, they were confident that they would provide me a Service that would satisfy my needs. After 2 years of working together I can say that they do provide a Service that can be counted on! Thanks Sterling Brokerage Services for putting the needs of your customers first." Tyler

Carrier Testimonials

“We were very new in the trucking industry when we began working with Sterling Brokerage Services, I may have had a preconceived idea of (Freight Brokers). Everyone at Sterling Brokerage Services has displayed a loyal, professional business approach. Sterling Brokerage Services commitment to customer service and communication are second to none. Regardless if you are a carrier or company looking for a dependable logistics partner, Sterling Brokerage Services is a company you can look to.” Jeremy

“Sterling Brokerage Services has been a valuable business partner for us. They have been very reliable and always follow through with what they say. I always know that they are someone that we can trust to do business with as the integrity of their management team is very high. We look forward to working with them for years to come.” Mike